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If you are an HR professional how many times have you thought you had cloned yourself to take care of all those urgent HR inquiries that come to you? The requests may be related to the update of information on employees and benefits enrollment time-off approvals as well as the tax return deductions and many more. If this is a familiar scenario then these requests are taking up more time and money than originally planned. HR teams are supposed to be strategic units aiding in talent and managing the workforce. This could shift your attention away from the strategic aspects and make HR to be more of an operating department.

On the other hand remote employees are closely connected work by using technology. Since the beginning employees are heavily reliant on the on boarding tools such as messaging apps on boarding tools as well as emails to get an impression of the current workplace. They may feel lost or confused without the appropriate tools which can result in a poor employee experience.

What is an Employee Self-Service portal?

Employee Self-Service portals allow employees with access to specific HR functions mainly with HRIS software. Employees are accountable for their personal data as well as apply for time-offs in addition they can access their pay slips employment documents and timesheets as well as benefits enrollment and so on. The portal for self-service of employees is not only the process of delegating certain tasks to employees. The implications of this can lead to an improved employee experience which in increases employee retention and reduces turnover. Employees have one stop shop for their every need and at the same time HR managers have more time in their hands to make a significant contribution to the business. To help you understand this better the following are the essential elements of a hrms self service portal for employees.

The components of the Employee Self-Service portal:

Typically the Employee Self-service website can aid in the following issues:

  • Update employee information
  • Access to documents for onboarding and handbooks
  • Attendance and time-keeping
  • Payroll information
  • benefits enrollment
  • Cost management
  • Performance reviews and appraisals
  • Programs for training
  • Time-off request requests
  • Reminders and notifications that are timely.

The list is endless. Imagine the task of doing everything manually. Does it sound like a lot of work? In a growing business in addition to managing the recruitment requirements HR professionals must spend their time complete administrative tasks which can be automated. When more requests come in the system it can cause a disruption to the processes of HR staff as well as the entire organization.

Furthermore with employees working from home delays can make employees unhappy. If you can delegate a few of these duties to employees it decreases the need for HR which leads to a smooth operation of the company.

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Some concerns about the use of Self-service by employees Self-service

Although there are many advantages to employing employee self-employment you must know the negatives and be prepared to address them.

False data: 

While HR professionals are aware of the software however employees may not have the knowledge. This means it is possible that their ignorance can lead to inaccurate information. They may not be able to sign up for benefits or update their insurance or tax forms etc. This may cause many switching and confusion. Plan a session of training that employees can view on demand focusing on every aspect of the service portal for employees. Service portal in the smallest detail.

Insufficient support: 

Although an educational session may assist your employees in familiarizing themselves with the software they may require assistance from time to time when they need help. In these situations HR professionals are forced to respond to their questions leading to double work. The most efficient solution is to make use of a program that has assistance documentation and an assistance team that can be reached at any time.


Although cloud services are growing in popularity however some employees may be hesitant to share sensitive data online. The business should make sure they are using HRIS software is secure and possesses all the security certifications needed to ensure that the information is secure in the hands of a trusted third party.

Important things to bear in mind when choosing self-service software for employees.

Although employee self-service portals offer many advantages and are an absolute must it is essential to think about the following points before choosing an HRIS software that allows employees to self-service.

Find out the needs of your business. Your company may not require all the features that a fully-fledged employee service could offer. For example you may already use payroll programs in place that can manage tax deductions so your employee self-service portal doesn"t have to manage the tax deductions. Also be sure to know the requirements your employee self-service portal must satisfy and then choose according to your needs.

Choose software that can grow with your business. It may not require all of the features right now; however as your business expands your needs will as well. Make sure that the software is adaptable.

Collaborations Integrations. Make sure that the software is compatible with other tools in your business. Is it able to work perfectly with the payroll program? Will you get it to work together with your message software?

It helps to reduce time spent on administrative tasks by providing access to employees.

In growing companies in a fast-growing business in a growing company time is money. Administrative tasks though crucial can be time-consuming. Each minute that an HR employee is wasting time on paperwork is an hour away from other tasks. With hrms self service employees can change their personal information access their pay slips and documents sign up for benefits and enter information on the tax deductions withholdings and more nearly instantly with no intervention from HR personnel.